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Our Management Team

We're committed to bringing you tools for a better clinician experience

Stephen Beeson_photo

Stephen Beeson, MD

CEO and Founder

My favorite member quote:
"Empathetic experiences are one of the best rewards of medicine. Patients know when we truly care and they almost always express and show gratitude in return. This is truly one of those situations where the more we give, the more we get.”

We are lucky to have such great clinicians in our community. Not only to build skills and share techniques with, but to help us reflect on the best part of medicine and reconnect to our purpose. 
Gidon Margolin_photo

Gidon Margolin


My favorite member quote:
"The Clinician Experience Project helps clinicians improve their lives, the lives of those they work with and those they serve."

I appreciate this quote because making meaningful connections among patients, clinicians and teams is our mission and the driving force behind the Clinician Experience Project community.

Mary Sue Esmeil Photo

Mary Sue Easmeil

Chief Client Success Officer

My favorite member quote:
"Now I am focused on the complete healing of the patient, not just the body but the heart. Now my heart is healing too.

Success is measured in more than metrics alone. Improving the clinician experience through enhanced patient connection is one of our core missions. This quote highlights what the Clinician Experience Project is all about.
Jason Rau_photo

Jason Rau

Executive Vice President
Business Development

My favorite member quote:
“Loneliness kills. It is as powerful as smoking or alcoholism”.

Our community facilitates clinician collaboration -- a key ingredient for improving the clinician well-being. As we work to improve the clinician experience we’re providing tools to improve peer support and build clinician community.

Erin Tjaden_photo

Erin Tjaden

Director of Operations

My favorite member quote:
"Knowing that I touched one person's life that day helped created a sense of meaning for me, and just a few of those a week can be quite uplifting and rejuvenating."

This compassionate quote reminds me why clinicians joined this profession in the first place and that The Clinician Experience Project helps bring them back to their passion for patient care.

Renee Oinonen_photo


Senior Consultant

My favorite member quote:
"As a hospitalist, I work with a different set of nurses every day, and I try to let them know I appreciate their efforts. When I'm rounding with the nurse, I often let the patients know they've got a great nurse working with them, and I mean it."

As an RN who has worked with appreciative physicians, this comment really resonates. There is nothing better than working alongside clinicians who recognize their team members. This kind of leadership is at the heart of the Clinician Experience Project.

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