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Specialists At Improving The Clinician Experience

Our Mission

To help every clinician experience the best of medicine.

We’ve partnered with healthcare systems nationwide. Together, we support clinicians with tools that help them connect better to patients, collaborate with colleagues and lead more effectively.

Our Team

In 2014 Practicing Excellence was founded by a group of physician leaders who came together with one purpose: create a place where clinicians help clinicians learn and share practical skills to tackle common challenges.

Meet The Team

Our Story


We believe the healthcare industry has reached a critical tipping point. Without leadership and commitment to addressing clinician skill gaps, the cost of burnout will mount and patient care will continue to suffer.

"I was always taught...take the history, do the exam,
nail the diagnosis and you're a great physician. Then you
realize that there's so much more. The Clinician Experience Project
is the holy grail of what is missing in medicine."
— Kaushul Kulkarni, MD



By equipping clinicians with practical skills to help tackle day-to-day patient and team care challenges, we restore purpose, collaboration and leadership effectiveness. Without these tools, burnout persists leading to impaired job performance, reduced quality of care, increased medical errors and decreased patient satisfaction. And if you're a leader counting costs, you know that this debilitated state adds up to millions in lost patient revenue, malpractice and physician turnover.

"As physicians, we are used to being in the role of rescuer
and it can be difficult to ask for help, but we are less
effective in our jobs if we are struggling. As they say on
airplanes, put on your own mask before helping others."
— Taki May, MD



A movement powered by thousands of clinicians from healthcare systems around the country.
Today, The Clinician Experience Project community serves as a hub for:

  • Clinician skill building that targets hundreds of patient care and team challenges
  • Burnout prevention through improved clinician collaboration and wellbeing tools
  • Spreading leadership skills to clinicians for improved team performance


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How The Clinician Experience Project Improved My Practice


"The most simple and reenergizing thing we can do is try something different and find out it helps."
— Robert A Muggia, MD