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Speeches, workshops and retreats to repair and strengthen the clinician experience.

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As a successful family medicine physician, medical group leader, and physician coach, Stephen Beeson’s career has pioneered an approach to both the patient and clinician experience with demonstrated transformative results. These experiences are brought to the stage in simple and engaging approaches in how we lead change and mobilize exhausted caregivers in highly purposeful work.

Dr. Stephen Beeson is the author of two national best-selling books, Practicing Excellence: A Physician’s Manual to Exceptional Healthcare and Engaging Physicians: A Manual to Physician Partnership. Dr. Beeson has traveled across the country working with hundreds of health care systems to help engage, enroll and develop physicians to lead.

As the former Physician Director for the Sharp Experience at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, in San Diego, Dr. Beeson helped improve physician performance in patient satisfaction from the sixth percentile to above the ninetieth percentile nationally, while the Medical Group was recognized nationally with four Honoree Acclaim Awards from the AMGA as well as the Malcolm Baldrige Award.



Dr. Alison Tothy is a nationally recognized Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician dedicated to driving transformational change to align patient experience and engagement with organizational missions, visions, and strategies. With a focus on reconnecting clinicians to what matters most to them, Dr. Tothy is a forward-thinking innovator dedicated to constructing an engaging and collaborative culture that drives organizational growth while building clinician engagement and strengthening customer loyalty.

Dr. Tothy is an Associate Professor at the University of Chicago. Her research interests revolve around work designed to gain a better understanding of the characteristics that drive patient experience and uses this data to improve patient experience, engagement, and outcomes.

Dr. Tothy is the President of the Illinois Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics and is a founding Executive Council member of the Institute for Innovation.



Dr. Meltzer is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Blue Cross of Idaho. He previously served as Chief and Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego. He is Clinical Faculty at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine. Prior to completing his medical degree at Boston University, Dan earned a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration and worked in healthcare consulting.

Dan’s core strength is helping organizations understand and improve the clinician experience, resulting in sustainable improvements in patient care. Dan narrows the gap among physicians, leaders, and systems, and offers tested methods for equipping clinicians and administrators with patient-centered tools that drive higher quality interactions and improve team effectiveness.

Under his leadership, Dan led the highest Joint Commision quality ratings at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego to date. Dan also helped build a Joint Commission-certified “Gold” Stroke Center, created and implemented a clinical decision unit, managed two high-level Urgent Care units, and reduced hospital admissions and improved patient access and service—all while nearly doubling the size of his physician staff and budget. His speaking and leadership problem-solving expertise create lasting results in patient care and organizational performance.



Dr. Larry McEvoy is an Emergency Physician, past CEO, and thought leader with professional experience in the clinical, business and strategic domains of healthcare. With a focus on creating the renewal of distressed healthcare environments, he’s a clear and authentic voice on critical issues such as burnout, leadership and patient experience.

Dr. McEvoy taps his dual background in working with clinicians, leadership teams, and boards to foster environments defined by outstanding results and alignment across clinician groups and healthcare organizations. He leads with executive team and physician leadership development, individual coaching, and leadership capacity strategies. Dr. McEvoy’s work brings a dynamic, experiential approach to learning and creating practical, applicable actions that result in better performance, rapid, diffuse learning, and renewed vitality in clinical organizations.

During his tenure at the Billings Clinic, Dr. McEvoy lead better quality and patient experience initiatives to one of the most-recognized examples of a multi-specialty, integrated health system. In 2012, the Billings Clinic was recognized by Consumer Reports as the number one healthcare organization in the country for patient safety. He later served as CEO of Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs facilitating a $100 million turnaround, improved, system-wide culture, and the transformation from an at-risk and unfunded municipal hospital to its merger with the University of Colorado Health system. Dr. McEvoy received his medical training from Stanford University School of Medicine in iconic Silicon Valley.


Originally from Galway, Ireland, Dr. Barrett completed medical school at the University College Dublin. With his cardiology training at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, he has acquired extensive specialty cardiology training in world-class medical centers in New York and California.

Dr. Barrett is also the founder and host of the acclaimed medical podcast, 'The Doctor Paradox' which explores the growing issue of physician burnout. Dr. Barrett’s passionate about adding value to the lives of clinicians by helping them find greater meaning in their practice and personal lives. As part of his work on physician wellness, Dr. Barrett is published extensively and attends speaking engagements around the world.

Dr. Barrett spent four years at The Scripps Translational Science Institute in California working alongside the world-renowned cardiologist Eric Topol, MD in the fields of cardiovascular genomics and medical innovation. While there, Dr. Barrett played a pivotal role in the development of several novel digital-health technologies and large-scale clinical trials.

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Our physician faculty are thought leaders on many issues that impact the clinician experience and improve organizational performance. Practicing Excellence speeches and educational sessions are designed to mobilize your team and help you align countermeasures to common clinical challenges.

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  • Physician Leadership Development
  • Improving Wellbeing and the Clinician Experience
  • Promoting Physician Engagement
  • The Physician’s Role in a Patient-Centered Culture
  • Creating Physician Collaboration
  • Building a Patient-Centered Care Culture
  • How to Coach Physicians
  • Maximizing Administrative-Physician Collaboration
  • System Integration: Structures and Cultures
  • Improving Physician-Nurse Collaboration
  • Leading Self and Others
  • Leading Change
  • Developing Team-based Care
  • High Reliability. A Step-Wise Approach
  • Delivering the Patient Experience: Every Patient, Every Time
  • How to Select and Onboard Physicians
  • The Tough Colleague: A Proven, Practical Approach
  • Gathering, Assessing, Reporting and Leveraging Performance Data
  • Becoming a Data-Driven Culture
  • Dyad Leadership
  • Leading the Clinical Microsystem
  • Simple Rules for Complex Performance
  • The Ultimate Strategy: Advancing The Clinician Experience

Our Speaking Programs

The Ultimate Strategy: Advancing The Clinician Experience

Physicians heavily influence many strategic and operational challenges, such as quality, cost, and the patient experience. This program outlines a strategy to engage physicians to bring measurable, positive change into the clinical environment. Built on the foundation of connect, collaborate and lead, you'll learn how leaders activate physicians in pursuit of a shared mission, and how to create physician participation, support and leadership. We'll share road-tested strategies that equip clinical teams to do what they do best on behalf of patients.

Crafting The Optimal Patient Experience

From a physician's perspective, how we shape the patient experience affects everything surrounding practicing medicine -- clinical, financial, ethical and emotional. Learn the proven techniques for involving patients in the experience they need and seek. This presentation embodies a simple, interactive How To using patient-centered behaviors that work for patients and physicians alike.

How to Use Measurement to Engage and Drive Performance

High-performance cultures are rich in feedback loops. The proper use of performance feedback, both formal and informal, can accelerate improvement and deepen commitment and energy your teams and organization. The process of providing feedback to physicians can be one of the most powerful tools to drive better results in system goals. This presentation focuses on what to measure, how to report credibly, how to select goals and drive results using data.

Creating a Physician Coaching Culture

The best professionals and teams strive to improve together through coaching. This presentation stresses the importance of a coaching/mentoring culture and cites examples of quality engagement and satisfaction improvement that results from coaching. You’ll learn how to create a successful coaching approach with simple, step-by-step methods for selecting, developing and supporting physician coaches as they share case studies of successful coaching approaches.

Keys to Successful Dyad Leadership

In the era of coordinated care, the integration of hospital and outpatient environments, and the emphasis on both individual and population care, dyad leadership has become an essential capacity of any organization that strives to combine business acumen with clinical excellence. This presentation illustrates the key aspects of successful dyads, the typical pitfalls of dyads and how to create powerful dyad leadership that energizes your organization. Real-world experience, illustrative data, and key methodologies are revealed in this insightful and common-sense session.

Creating the Physician Code: The Why and The How

A collaborative physician group that enhances both clinical care and operational performance is critical to the vigor of any healthcare organization. But unraveling the complex history and tribal conflicts within the physician world remains a difficult task. This presentation helps you create an “inside out” approach for inviting physicians to create a strong commitment toward collaboration, consistency, innovation and multidisciplinary care that results in catalyzed performance throughout your organization.

Change Management: How to Get Things Done

Dragging people through change, whether physicians, leaders or patients, is a low-yield, high-energy strategy. This presentation reviews how to leverage your current circumstances toward an intrinsic commitment to a positive future. Using a stepwise change management path from the most progressive thoughts leaders in change management, you’ll learn an approach that helps physicians and leaders move from “Why change?” to, “Let’s get moving!”

Keys To Improved Physician Leadership

Physician leadership, both formal and informal, singular and organizational, comprises a necessary and rare capacity in healthcare organizations. For physicians, physician leaders and executives, this session maps out an approach to physician leadership designed for physicians, by physicians and with physicians. Key structures, decision rules, and developmental emphases are examined to create influence, manage change and mobilize teams in accelerating your physician leaders to the next level.

Who We Work With

We speak to leaders at all levels in healthcare – physicians, physician leaders, board members, executives and clinical teams.