Clinicians are struggling

Clinicians are experiencing unprecedented stress and frustration—leading to low team member engagement, turnover, and despair at the clinical frontline.

61% of physicians reported experiencing burnout often

A nearly 53% increase since 2018 

Physicians Foundation 2021 Survey of America’s Physicians

Results of burnout can be devastating for the clinician, their patients, and the organization. Leaders want to help, but given the current state of health care—decentralized teams, fewer in-person events—they often have a hard time aligning organizational priorities and supporting their teams to meet the many challenges they face. 

How Practicing Excellence Helps

Practicing Excellence’s well-being programs are designed by clinicians and industry experts who understand firsthand the struggles of health care professionals. Programs are developed to help clinicians and leaders to:

  • Reconnect with purpose
  • Build friendships and local esprit de corps 
  • Develop approaches to their personal and clinical lives to advance contentment and resilience
  • Develop leadership skills and behaviors known to enhance the well-being of care teams

Short video coaching tips are delivered via a mobile app, so busy care teams can access the coaching on-demand alongside actions proven to lift the clinician and nurse experience. 


“It’s not about clinicians finding the resilience just to be able to take on more. It IS about finding and living the life we aspire to and dream of.”

– Stefanie Simmons, Vice President of Patient & Clinician Engagement at Envision Physician Services in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Designed for busy clinicians

The skill-building content in our well-being programs is created via the proven “micro-learning” approach for consumption in short bursts of time and is accessible via a mobile app.

Your dedicated advisors from Practicing Excellence bring proven strategies and resources to drive participation, engagement, and outcomes. We work at-the-elbow with your leaders to deploy strategies proven to improve well-being among clinicians and care teams.


    Emotional Memory



    Online Coaching Tips Improved Patient Experience and Physician Well-Being

    • Physician burnout decreased according to Maslach Burnout Inventory scores 
    • 74% of physicians felt enhanced connection
    • Results in less than 6 months

    JPS Health Network

    “We are seeing a different level of engagement from our physician group. That is truly new and exciting and shows me that we’re at a tipping point right now. You can really feel the momentum here when it comes to our physicians: they’re excited and we’re excited.”

    – Lara Burnside, Sr. Vice President of Patient Experience and Strategy/Chief Experience Officer, JPS Health Network

    Banner Health

    “The ROI that we have seen by focusing on the experience of our physicians and APPs has been astronomically rewarding. We know losing just one physician is $1M +, and our retention rates have never been better.”

    – Carisa Bamford, MT, MS, Sr. Director/Patient Experience, Banner Health


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