Addressing the patient Experience Skills Gap

Many of the skills required to improve the patient experience–especially in today’s challenging times–aren’t taught in school, resulting in profound variance and inconsistency in the patient journey. Developing a skill-building strategy for all care team members on evidence-derived patient connection behaviors is essential to overcome these gaps.

How Practicing Excellence Helps

Practicing Excellence’s patient experience programs are designed to develop patient connection skills that help clinicians, leaders, and teams deliver exceptional experiences to patients at every touch point, every time.

Our programs are designed by clinicians and industry experts and have been proven to advance the experience of both patients and those providing care.

“We showed in a relatively short period of time that participating physicians did better on their patient experience scores, and also felt better about being doctors.”

– Ira Nash, Executive Director, Northwell Health

Patient Experience Programs

Our programs deliver short, actionable skill-building videos via a mobile app to allow clinicians and staff to learn at the same time, with role-specific tips. Certification paths are available in select programs, including:

  • Ambulatory Patient Experience Certification
  • Advanced Ambulatory Patient Experience Certification
  • Distinguished Ambulatory Patient Experience Certification
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Hospital Medicine Patient Experience Certification
  • Emergency Medicine Patient Experience Certification
  • Telehealth Certification
  • Leading the Patient Experience Certification


    View a Sample COaching Tip:

    Responding to Patient Fear


    Along with the expert designed curriculum, we provide support and resources throughout the life of the program to help you engage, inspire, and educate your care teams and to take learning to action at just five minutes per week.

    “CEP has provided connections for our team during a time of rapid growth and change. It gives us the tools to not only improve our patients’ experience of their care but is helping our clinicians thrive!”

    – Cynthia Mellinger MS, CNP OhioHealth HMS System APP Coordinator



    Closing the Patient Experience Skills Gap

    Spotlight: Colorado Permanente Medical Group


    Increase in Net Promoter Score in one year

    At the end of six months, the 139 physicians who used CEP for 5 to 10 minutes per week statistically and significantly improved their performance on our communication evaluation tool.”  – Dr. Tom Rehring, Vascular Surgeon, CPMG

    “Pretty amazing stuff… transforming the way I interact with my patients. It makes my visits so much more meaningful.”   – Dr. Bessie O’dea, OB/GYN, CPMG


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