Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership impacts the entire organization

How the organization is led infiltrates every facet of the clinician experience—from job satisfaction and burnout, to clinician support of organizational goals, to the patient experience. Providing coaching support for current, new, and emerging leaders is a critical way to support your entire organization.

How Practicing Excellence Helps

Investing in leaders is imperative to delivering the very best care and experience to patients, clinicians, and care teams. 

The leadership effectiveness programs from Practicing Excellence help leaders develop the skills that matter most, including:

  • Building influence
  • Growth mindset
  • Self-awareness
  • Leader as coach
  • Team intelligence
  • Communication
  • Gratitude

“My practice is much more fun and enjoyable, and I feel like I am now able to lead my micro team and my clinic site by applying the things I have learned.”

– Ehsan Ghods, DO, Physician at Northwell Health

Designed for busy leaders

The skill-building content in the leadership programs is created via the proven “micro-learning” approach for consumption in short bursts of time and is accessible via a mobile app.

Your dedicated advisors from Practicing Excellence bring proven strategies and resources to drive participation, engagement, and results in the leadership development journey. Many organizations choose certification paths for leaders as part of a leadership development strategy. 

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