Supporting Care Teams & Patients Through COVID-19


 Healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 health crisis, and in response, we’re providing a special series of tips to support care teams and patient communication. Because you’re caring for patients and teams in a time of immense personal and professional demand, we’re offering this content with no viewing restrictionsyou don’t have to be a member of our coaching platform to learn in the moment. We invite you to view these tips in between your busiest moments.

We encourage you to share these tips with clinicians, nurses, staff, and others across your organization.

Personal Stories

Sometimes simply hearing the stories of fellow clinicians and identifying with their struggles can lift spirits and restore joy.
Here are 3 tips that can help you rediscover the power of purpose.

Finding purpose through COVid-19

Reflect on patient connection moments that serve as reminders of your purpose.

Close to the heart

Dr. Wendy Woods-Swafford, pediatric hematologist-oncologist, shares what helped her be at her best in the darkest moments during her career.

Unexpected Rewards

Dr. Bob Czincila, emergency medicine physician, shares his personal revelations when treating the child of a family friend for brain cancer.


In the most difficult moments on the frontline, caregivers need support to care for themselves.
Take a look at three tips that provide practical steps for encouraging resiliency in care teams.

Self-Care during COVid-19

Three basic self-care actions to care for yourself during these challenging times.

Our Darkest Teacher

How to learn from challenges to transform
for the better.

Learning How You Mourn

Personal practices for processing shared suffering.


With caregivers weighed down by the ongoing impact of COVID-19, healthcare teams are struggling.
Here are four tips designed to help teammates better support each other in uncertain times.


Simple steps to help sustain your care team during challenging times.

Tackling Team Fear About Covid-19

Three actions to mitigate fear contagion as a team.

Empathy For Each Other

Best practices for demonstrating empathy through to your team.

The Power Of Team Recognition

Communication techniques to express gratitude to team members.

Patient Communication

As patients express worry about about the impact of COVID-19, we’re providing practical tips to help identify patient fears and provide support.

How to talk to patients about coVID-19 fears

Techniques for connecting with fearful patients.


Tips to help you discover a patient’s anxieties and underlying concerns.

Responding to patient fear

Simple steps to validate patient fears and manage emotion with emotion.

What Worries you the most

Methods for understanding patient fears that aren’t clearly articulated.

Hope Cures

An communication approach to tap into and facilitate hope and dispel unreasonable fears for patients.