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The Clinician Experience

The Research and Approach to Tackle
the Wellness Challenge

Author: Stephen Beeson, MD

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Physician Burnout Represents One of the Great Threats to American Healthcare.

Despite the profound cost of burnout on physician retention, care quality and organizational culture, less than 10% of healthcare organizations have a dedicated approach to tackle this challenge.1

Who's Getting It Right?

We asked, what is present in places where clinicians love what they do, stay where they are and become the physicians they aspire to be? To give you and your colleagues the upper hand, we've distilled actionable data, gathered firsthand insights from leaders getting results, and conducted clinician experience research to determine where to focus our efforts.

In this eBook you'll discover:

  • Exclusive clinician experience research matched with expert perspective to inform your approach to improving physician wellness and engagement.
  • 3 key clinician experience drivers to help you focus organizational efforts and build an approach to take on the burnout challenge.
  • Practical techniques to drive compelling improvements in patient connection, team collaboration and leadership.

 1MGMA Study 2017


"For leaders, the choice is clear: Fixing healthcare depends on improving the clinician experience. The cost of failing to care for those providing care is simply insurmountable and the moment demands it."
-- Stephen Beeson, MD


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