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We collaborate with industry veterans and experts to create programs that address some of the most pressing challenges at the front-lines of health care

About Programs

Each Practicing Excellence program is designed to build a set of skills in a specific area that maps to your organizational goals.

  • Programs bundle a progressive series of short coaching tips with recommendations for reflection and putting into practice. 
  • Tips are distributed weekly to members via a mobile app. 
  • Each tip includes Try This Challenges to encourage immediate application. 
  • Each member can track progress on their personal dashboard, while leaders can view group-wide participation results on program completion.
  • A dedicated support team works with leaders to drive engagement and outcomes.
  • Measurable results happen with just 5 minutes a week!


The programs we offer include but are not limited to the following:

Patient Experience

Proven to advance the experience of both patients and those providing care.

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Ambulatory Patient Experience Program

Includes skill development and role-specific tips for clinicians, and staff, allowing them to learn at the same time.

Focus areas:

  • Building rapport
  • Creating patient confidence
  • Listening well
  • Conveying compassion
  • Finishing strong

Duration: 6 months

For more information, please check out the Ambulatory Patient Experience Program Overview.


Leading the Patient Experience Program

Designed for simultaneous participation by all leaders–physician, APP, and administration and operations–but also available for new leaders to take individually.

Focus Areas:

  • Create a cause
  • Communicate the future
  • Track success
  • Build skills

Duration: 3 months

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program

Designed to build awareness and skills to improve care equity and the experiences for every patient and every population.

Focus Areas:

  • Creating awareness
  • Understanding bias
  • Connecting through differences
  • Care equity in action

Duration: 5 months


Hospital Medicine Patient Experience Program

Designed to be completed by individuals or teams, this program builds skills that help hospitalists connect to patients, including listening techniques, building patients’ confidence in them, and providing support lifelines for when patients leave the hospital.

Focus Areas:

  • Hospitalist first impressions
  • Conveying respect
  • Bringing compassion
  • Listening well
  • Explaining care
  • Sending home

Duration: 6 months

For more information, please check out the Hospital Medicine Patient Experience Program Overview.

Emergency Medicine Patient Experience Program

Designed by and for emergency medicine clinicians, this program covers the principle drivers of care quality and patient connection in the ED and actions that can be taken to establish trust and rapport.

Focus Areas:

  • Communicating at the bedside
  • Practicing self-care
  • Supporting your team
  • Knowing your flow

Duration: 6 months

Telehealth Program

Tapping the expertise of experienced clinicians on the front line of virtual care delivery, the program provides in-depth content around the nuances of delivering effective virtual visits. Ideal for individual clinicians and new clinicians.

Focus Areas:

  • Virtual rapport
  • Virtual respect
  • Virtual caring
  • Virtual participation
  • Managing COVID-19 circumstances

Duration: 4 months

Leadership Effectiveness 

Our leadership programs providing coaching support for current, new, and emerging leaders.

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Foundations of Leadership Program

An introduction to building the skills necessary for improving leadership effectiveness. The program is designed for leaders to take as a team.

Focus Areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • The power of why
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Team communication
  • Empathy in teams
  • Trusted leadership 

Duration: 6 months

Building Transformative Leaders Program

Help leaders develop the skills that matter most with a powerful curriculum that is packaged together with reflection questions and immediate calls to action to spark lasting change.

Focus Areas:

  • Increasing impact
  • Modeling behaviors you want repeated
  • Teaching leaders how to appreciate those they lead
  • Shifting mindset in self and others

Duration: 5 months

Foundations of Nursing Leadership Program

Designed for nursing leaders to participate together. After each weekly tip, leaders are challenged to apply what they have learned with their next patient or team interaction.

Focus Areas:

  • Demonstrating heart
  • Elevating my team
  • Inspiring success

Duration: 9 months

Team Collaboration Program

Designed for all care team members to build key skills together and manifest a collaborative spirit that promotes engagement, productivity, and well-being.

Focus Areas:

  • Common Purpose
  • The Impact of Collaboration
  • I Belong Here
  • Beyond the Work
  • Everyone Counts 
  • Building Trust
  • Solving Challenges

Duration: 6 months

For more information, please check out our Team Collaboration Program Overview.


Our well-being programs help leaders and front-line clinicians care for themselves and each other.

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Clinician Well-Being Program

The Well-being Program offers effective approaches to find meaning, build relationships, and care for yourself and others. This flexible program can be used individually or for group learning and is applicable for physicians, APPs, clinical and administrative leaders, nurses, and staff.

Focus Areas:

  • Overcoming medical programming
  • Making work work for you
  • Personal care and recovery
  • Building your vision for a healthier you

Duration: 6 months

For more information, please check out the Well-Being Program Overview.

Care Team Support During COVID-19 Program

When the COVID-19 pandemic surged across the nation for the first time in early 2020, we released coaching content to support care teams learning how to survive a health crisis. Now as many regions continue to fight relentlessly, we want to provide these tips again as a way to say, “We see you. We hear you. We want to support you.” 

Focus Areas:

  • Resurgence for the front line
  • Resurgence for leaders
  • Self-care
  • Patient communication
  • Team support
Practicing Excellence Faculty Clinicians


Our faculty members are industry luminaries well known for creating content that engages, inspires, and educates clinicians, leaders, and teams.


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