Equip Clinicians With Skills To Improve The Patient Experience



1. Recognizing clinicians and teams for building role-specific patient experience skills.
2. Building collegiality by integrating reward and recognition into operations.
3. Promoting clinician competency by displaying certification badges on public profiles, in exam rooms, and on ID badges.


Improved communication results in patients feeling cared for, and their concerns being addressed at every step, beyond just diagnosis to whole-person health and support.


71% of patients say they experienced a lack of compassion when speaking with clinicians

IMprove Clinician Online Reputation

Patients research physicians’ online profiles and star ratings to learn about other patients’ experience and predict what kind of care experience they will have.


72% of patients research a physician’s reputation online as the first step in searching for a new physician


Learn in the moment through coaching videos from leading experts on topics that matter most to patients.  Members of the Clinician Experience Project can earn their Patient Experience Certification through three steps: enroll, learn, and certify.


Provide the certification learning program to all your clinicians to support your organization’s goals.


Develop skills in topics such as creating patient confidence, listening, and demonstrating empathy.


Receive internal and external validation and recognition of successful certification completion.

“Our physicians are referencing tips learned in the Clinician Experience Project, and that means we are making significant progress. We have bridged our patient experience with our physician engagement pretty nicely.”

– Lara Burnside | JPS Health Network

What you can do with certifications

 Support your physicians’ need to improve patient relationships and patients’ need to feel confidence in their physician’s ability to connect with them.  Learn how you can provide your care team the internal and external recognition for the excellent care they provide. 

Online profile.

Demonstrate to patients that clinicians and your organization are dedicated to delivering the best care experience.

Name badge.

Give clinicians the opportunity to make a great first impression both in their introduction and on their medical ID.


exam Room.

Proudly display clinicians’ certificates in the exam room to showcase their ongoing commitment to personal improvement.

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