Patient Experience Program

Improve physician communication By Integrating practical Coaching & Development Content.

Shift the focus to improvement.

 We consistently hear physicians are overwhelmed by the focus on their patient experience scores and online reputation, but they’re given few resources to help them improve. 

Physicians need a simple tool that quickly helps them apply practical skills to improve the patient experience.  Through weekly content nudges in the Clinician Experience Project app, physicians can learn skills in minutes per week. 

The Patient Experience Certification Program
is designed by an expert physician faculty
and used by over 20,000 physicians.



Coaching Via Physicians

Validated learning pathways focus on key experience elements designed and delivered by physician faculty.

Developing Leaders & Teams

Personalized real-time coaching from leading healthcare experts enables both individual and team development.

APPLYing Practical SKIlls

Learn, try, and share tips such as listening well, connecting quickly, conveying empathy, respecting patients, and more.

Rewarding & Recognizing

Help physicians grow their skills and reconnect to purpose-driven work through ongoing reward and recognition. 

“We’re building an institute called the Institute for Culture Change and Innovation. We’ve created a mastery program for patient experience as part of the Institute. Physicians and advanced practice providers will be certified through JPS and through our partnership with Practicing Excellence will also follow the certification program through the Clinician Experience Project. It fits nicely within the structure of what we’ve created internally.”

Lara Burnside
Senior Vice President of Patient Experience and Strategy/Chief Experience Officer
JPS Health Network

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Improvement Strategy