Our Purpose

Practicing Excellence was founded by a group of physicians and leaders in the medical field who came together with one simple core belief:

Every clinician wants to practice extraordinary medicine.
Every clinician deserves the right tools to be extraordinary.

Each of us wants to have a greater impact on patients and feel good about our work. It is this shared belief that led us to take a closer look at what really drives physician effectiveness… how to create it…spread it...inspire it.

& Vision

In 2014, we launched The Clinician Experience Project to put those tools into the hands of clinicians everywhere — tools to experience better results with patients and a stronger connection to each other and to what we do.

The result is a place where thousands of physicians and teams are participating in and contributing to a unique, skill-building forum. Working alongside partner health systems across the nation, we are pioneering ways to build and develop these skills together, to improve care.

Our members are doing extraordinary work and we hope you'll become a part of it.

The Story Behind Our Story

RAISE YOUR HAND if you know a physician who would like to have a stronger impact on the care he or she provides, a greater connection with patients — and a higher performing clinical team.

Chances are your hand is up. Most physicians chose the field for exactly these things.

Now, raise your hand if you’re a physician who loves getting patient satisfaction reports without any idea why the scores don’t match up with your own impression of your work. How about juggling the EHR and the patient at the same time? Or being held accountable for things like handoffs, end-of-life care, and the hundreds of other skills we weren’t taught in medical school? No hands up? Didn’t think so. You’re probably not surprised that most physicians and clinical teams share your sentiment.

At The Clinician Experience Project, we have come together as a community and developed a forum to address our shared challenges....

Our Common Challenges

Before building The Clinician Experience Project, we were frontline clinicians, physician CEO’s, Chiefs of Staff, and Medical Directors. We led vastly different organizations that were each plagued by the same questions…

How can we be better prepared to handle the increased complexities and demands of patient care?

How do we improve the physician experience in an environment of regulatory demand, loss of autonomy and heightened financial pressure?

How can we equip physicians with essential skills to navigate patient engagement in a way that works in collaboration with the demands of quality, safety, leading care teams and variation reduction?

How do we empower physicians and build physician skills to create higher performing teams?

How can we help physicians drive change and improvement from the bottom up?

...and the biggest challenge of all:

How can we deliver and scale these skills to clinicians everywhere and make them easy to apply?

a startingly simple observation and solution

Today, there are thousands of physicians participating in and contributing to this skill-building forum — and we’re seeing a clear, intentional pattern emerge across the country: results.

Physicians gather in The Project to share and learn skills together. Applying these skills in the clinical environment, physicians quickly see improved responses from patients, families, staff and colleagues and what it’s like to re-discover and take back the work we love.

“I have found The Project to provide exceptional learning tools. The benefits are immediate and palpable.”
- Richard T. Fuchs MD
crystal run healthcare, middletown, ny

To learn more about what you have to gain from The Clinician Experience Project, listen to member Al Muggia, MD talk about the changes he’s experienced.