Develop leaders who engage teams and facilitate impactful change.

Develop Leadership Skills

Strengthen clinician partnerships and improve communication to reduce cynicism and administrative challenges. Enable leaders to create meaningful change by modeling and investing more intentionally in clinicians.

Empower With Learning Paths

Our innovative app provides videos that can be completed on-the-go in 2 to 5 minutes through micro-learning to apply new skills. Leadership content is ideal for clinicians and administration to learn independently and in group settings.

Inspire & Educate Leaders

Seamlessly incorporate skill-building curriculum into your current leadership development programs. Improve operational performance by regularly engaging leaders who put learning tips into practical use.

Address skill gaps in your leadership contributing to frustration, fatigue, and compromised performance.

NorthBay Healthcare Outcomes

The impact of their transformation.

+ skill-building video resources viewed

+ group learning conversations facilitated

3+ Point

improvement in provider communication composite


NorthBay Healthcare utilized the Lead program to give its clinicians the tools to help coach and mentor others.

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