The Clinician Experience Project FAQ’s

Q: Who's behind The Clinician Experience Project?

  1. We are a team of physicians helping colleagues tackle everyday clinician challenges and apply skills that make improving care easier.
  2. Our colleagues are reporting big improvements -- not only in the patient experience, but improvements in their experience as clinicians. This is why The Project exists.
  3. The Project's video-based learning resources are set up to support clinician and leader effectiveness, while advancing team performance in both the microsystem and across the enterprise.

Q: What types of skills and tools will I see inside The Project?

A: Our video-based solutions guide skill development, learning application and coaching around a handful of Curricular Tracks that include:

  • Clinician Well-Being
  • Patient Centeredness
  • High Performing Teams
  • Quality and Safety
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Building a Group (Skills For Leaders)

Each Curricular Track contains a set of “Skill Bundles.” Skill Bundles consist of interactive learning Modules, tablet-based Tools and brief video Coaching Tips in support of a specific skill. Skill Bundles are built to address our most common clinical challenges and can be prioritized around individual and organizational goals.

Q: Who participates in The Clinician Experience Project?

A: Thousands of physicians and their clinical teams throughout the country are learning skills together, sharing techniques and applying new tools to improve care. The Project’s team is backed by hundreds of physician contributors who share colleague-created curriculum and expert insights to help advance physician and clinical team effectiveness throughout our community.

Q: How can The Clinician Experience Project help us achieve our objectives?

A: Every group that joins The Project faces a unique set of challenges which require a specific combination of physician and clinical team skills. Our team works closely with your physicians and leaders to map a Learning Path carefully designed to help physicians and build skills across a clinical enterprise to achieve your organizational goals. While challenges vary, the result of The Project is the same: Physicians get the skills and tools they require to improve their experience and effectively lead high-performing clinical teams with greater capacity for improving care.

Q: Do we subscribe as a group or as individuals?

A: The Clinician Experience Project is designed to help physicians and teams build skills together as a shared, networked effort. Though clinicians can subscribe on an individual basis, and team members can learn “on their own,” members take advantage of the networked learning – that is, clinical teams learning, practicing and exchanging skills together.

Q: What is included in my subscription to The Clinician Experience Project?

A: While our curriculum and community resources are always expanding, each subscription includes:

  • Leading The Project - A guided approach to helping you build awareness around group goals and using The Project to accelerate outcomes
  • A customized Learning Path aligned with your priorities
  • The Project’s library of video learning Modules
  • CME - AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for completed learning Modules (0.25 hours/accredited module), and associated CME transcripts
  • The Project’s tablet-based Tools library
  • Social learning forums that encourage colleagues to exchange insights that make skill application easier and drive change across your system
  • Video-based coaching tips, published weekly
  • Access to 24/7 technical assistance

Q: How much time does this take?

A: As a physician-founded organization, we are well aware of the time demands faced by all physicians. That is why The Project gives you physician-designed content that’s easily applied “as you work.” Many clinical teams learn together by watching brief, skill-building Modules and Coaching Tips as part of a meeting or huddle. Here's what members are saying...

“I have really enjoyed the learning modules. I appreciate that they are clear, clean, short and "to the point”.... delivering clinical "pearls" of practice that fit well into the small breaks during a busy doctor’s day. I can use my tablet and with the swipe of a finger, bring up a module to view early in the morning during a quick cup of coffee or an unexpected pause in the clinic schedule created by a "no show" patient. The Project’s resources easily fit into my busy clinic schedule.”
—Brian Anderson, MD

“As physicians, we’re lifelong learners. If we’re spending so much time acquiring knowledge to help our patients, we should spend time learning about how to be better docs to our patients. That’s where The Project works. It’s the little things we can do every day that will reinvigorate our practice and make a difference for our patients.”
— Jamie Saben, MD

Q: Do clinicians receive CME credit for work in The Project?

A: Yes, most learning modules are accredited for 0.25 AMA PRA Category I Credit.™ Clinicians receive credit upon completion of the accredited module and its accompanying quiz.

Q: How do we keep track of what clinicians have done?

A: The Project provides a detailed accounting of clinician/member participation. Member activity can be tracked and reported at the individual and group level. Many organizations leverage The Project's "gamification" capabilities to create friendly competition between departments or sites and drive member involvement.

Q: How do new members get started?

A: We’ve taken the guesswork out of getting members up and running. Here are three easy steps to implementation:

  1. We’ll provide you with pre-launch member communications to explain what The Project is, how it works and the role members play inside the community to generate awareness and curiosity around The Project.
  2. As you roll-out The Project, new members have access to brief tutorials to help them make the most of its resources.
  3. Our physician-led team supports new members with a guided on-boarding program and guidance on how to leverage resources and optimize participation in The Project.

Q: Who leads The Project?

A: Each group that joins The Project designates “Project Champions.”

Project Champions are identified prior to the on-boarding process and typically include physician leaders, non-physician leaders and key personnel involved in supporting the launch and oversight of The Project at your organization.

Q: What is a Project Administrator subscription and what does it include?

A: Project Administrator subscriptions include:

  • Full access to The Project’s curriculum and resources
  • Expanded group-wide performance reporting that can be sorted by individual physician and across a group
  • Support resources for successful launch and support of The Project across the clinical environment

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