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Q. Who is Practicing Excellence?

We’re specialists at improving the clinician experience. Our mission is to support clinicians with tools that help them connect better to patients, collaborate with colleagues and lead more effectively. Our organizational diagnostics and clinician insight research advances clinician skill-building to prevent burnout and improve patient care.

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Q. What is the Clinician Experience Project?

A clinician skill-building community with 70+ partner health systems, 15,000+ clinician members, 500+ clinician leaders, and over 600 physician-designed video learning resources. Together, we’re equipping our clinician colleagues with real-world skills to help tackle our biggest challenges in burnout, leadership, team-based care and the patient experience.

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Q. What organizational challenges does the Clinician Experience Project address?

Our healthcare system partners deploy The Clinician Experience Project to accelerate improvement in three key areas:

1. Wellbeing: Our community helps clinicians reduce burnout with tools proven to foster clinician collaboration and build resiliency

2. Patient Care: We help clinicians improve connectivity to patients by learning practical techniques that address hundreds of patient care challenges

3. Leadership: Our community helps clinicians build proven leadership skills to drive  improved team performance  

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Q. How does The Clinician Experience Project support leaders?

To help you achieve organizational goals, our team will partner with you and your leadership team to:

Gather Clinician Insights: Our clinician experience assessment helps members identify skill gaps, prioritize interventions, and guide prescriptive skill-building.

Match Insights To Practical Tools:  Skill-building resources are mapped to your group goals and prioritized based on challenges you want to tackle. Clinicians and teams engage with customized learning paths to build skills.

Facilitate Networked Performance: Learn with member health systems across the country. Tap peer forums and national thought leader leader resources to strengthen your clinician experience and drive results in patient care.

Q. How does this skill-building community support clinicians?

We’re improving the clinician experience by equipping our colleagues with:

Clinician Designed Tools: 100% of our 600+ skill-building resources are developed by clinician faculty.

Practical Skill-Building: Clinicians have minutes to learn a new technique not months. Our video-based resources eliminate guesswork and support immediate skill application.

On The Fly Coaching: “Try This” two-minute video Coaching Tips tackle tough challenges in small doses. Our tips respond to member questions and tune skills that matter most to us and our patients.

Collaborative Learning: Clinician forums and synchronous learning facilitate skill-exchange and idea spread across your organization as members get better together — a key factor for improved wellbeing.

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Q. What specific skills and tools are inside the Clinician Experience Project?

From managing an opioid-seeking patient, to safer handoffs, to navigating medically unnecessary test requests, our physician-designed resources address hundreds of “real world” challenges and reduce clinician frustration. Informed by a community of over seventy organizations, our video-based resources combine literature-based research findings, national thought leader insights, and techniques from actual clinical environments. Our Modules, Tips and Tools guide skill development, and coach skill application to drive results in:

Q. How does our group determine which skills to learn, try and share?

Our team maps learning resources to your group goals. Skill-building resources are prioritized and served up in bite-sized projects that clinicians and teams can easily apply. Each Improvement Project contains a set of interactive learning Modules, Tips, and Tools supporting specific skills. Simple “Try This” video-based resources support immediate skill application to ensure clinicians and teams focus on what matters most to them and their patients.

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Q. Can I receive CME credit for learning resources completed in the Clinician Experience Project?

Yes, clinicians can receive CME credit. Learning resources are accredited based on the total duration of the videos and range from 0.25 to 1.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits per Improvement Project. CME is granted upon completion of the all of the videos and corresponding quiz within the Improvement Project.  

Q. Who are the faculty of the Clinician Experience Project?

The Clinician Experience project was founded by a group of physician leaders who came together with one purpose: create a place where clinicians help clinicians learn and share practical skills to tackle common challenges. Our faculty works closely with a team of contributors; including members, national thought leaders and physician subject matter experts to provide the most relevant and helpful skill-building resources possible.

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Q. How do new members get started?

Get in touch to learn more about bringing The Clinician Experience Project to your organization.  

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