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Wellbeing & Burnout

Tools For Restoring The Clinician Experience

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Clinicians Helping Clinicians: How Well Are We Caring For Our Own?

One of our members said it best, "As physicians, we are used to being in the role of rescuer and it can be difficult to ask for help, but we are less effective in our jobs if we are struggling....
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A Vocation Or A Job?

Q: Recently, I heard a physician speaker claim that the reason he wasn’t burned out was because he looked at being a physician as a job rather than a vocation. His comment created quite a stir...
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Connections That Combat Burnout

Q: I recently took over as Chief Medical Officer. One of my priorities will be to address the growing issue of physician burnout we are experiencing within our organization. The first challenge...
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Burnout. Getting Better or Worse?

Q: An article circulating around our clinic on the subject of physician burnout and well-being ruffled a few feathers. One of our more - let’s say, “senior” surgeons - proudly stated, “In my day...
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Separating The Art Vs. The Work Of Medicine

Q: I still care about my patients, but not sure if I love practicing medicine? A: Unfortunately, many physicians share your sentiment. It’s important to recognize the elements of our jobs that we...
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In Good Hands

“You’re in good hands.” It’s a phrase often associated with patient care. We all want to be assured that we are being taken care of by the best possible person for the job. Paddy Barrett, MD,...
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