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Physician Members Share Their Stories

Nick Fustino, MD, a pediatric hematologist-oncologist, and his colleagues felt the same sting from patient satisfaction scores that we have all felt at one point in our careers. In this podcast, he talks about how--and why--they chose to respond, and what they did. Not the usual cascade of memos, scorecards, and roll outs, this conversation delivers insights on the multiple and surprising benefits to applying some simple skills to drive substantial improvement in patient and professional satisfaction.

Kelly Abbrescia, MD, is an emergency physician who is all too familiar with the challenge of being a good clinician, a good colleague and a good team leader. When she agreed to help her ED pilot The Clinician Experience Project, she didn’t know that she’d find a resource that could make her better, help develop physicians around her, and improve the performance of the entire department. Join her for a conversation on “what happened when” this ED joined The Project.

Christopher Rivera, MD, shares candid insights about how his commitment to be a really effective physician collided with data he considered subpar. In this frank conversation, he reveals how he put The Clinician Experience Project to work--at first to get better, but ultimately to re-energize himself, reconnect with his patients, and inspire his clinical team.