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About Practicing Excellence

WHAT WE DO: We coach and develop the healthcare workforce to make a measurable impact on the colleagues they work with, the teams they lead, and the patients they care for.

HOW WE DO IT: We distill evidence-based wisdom of fellow clinicians and industry experts to deliver bite-sized skill-building programs to clinicians, nurses, and staff to produce outcomes in engagement, retention, and well-being.

The Clinician Experience Project (CEP)

The Clinician Experience Project (CEP) encompasses Practicing Excellence’s skill-building programs for physicians, APPs, nurses, and staff in ambulatory settings, and physicians and APPs in emergency medicine and hospital medicine.

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VIEW Sample MICRO-LEARNING Coaching Tips

From the Ambulatory Patient Experience Certification Program


Explaining Diagnosis (CLINICIAN)

Making a Human Connection (Nurse)

Helping Patients Succeed (Staff)

From the Clinician Well-Being Program Certification Program

Emotional Memory

Note Efficiency

From the Leading to Engage Program

Confidence Through Humility

Valuing People Above All Else


Why Our Approach Works

  1. FAST AND CONVENIENT: The life of a clinician is nonstop. Keeping skill development quick and accessible is critical. We deliver 5-minute video-based coaching tips through a mobile app. 
  2. RELEVANT, CREDIBLE, AND ACTIONABLE: New skills are cemented when put to use immediately. Our faculty of fellow clinicians and industry experts provide a practical call to action in each coaching tip. 
  3. ALIGNED WITH YOUR PRIORITIES: Weekly coaching tips are organized into programs designed to meet specific, measurable, organization-wide objectives. Our client success team runs a playbook that’s proven to engage clinicians and generate results.


How we Partner

  • Create a roadmap including quantitative performance objectives.
  • Hold kick-off meetings led by clinical leaders to communicate this is about supporting you and we are all doing this together.
  • Deploy the Practicing Excellence mobile app to enable anytime, anywhere access to video-based coaching.
  • Push the tip of the week using the mobile app and internal communications. 
  • Integrate the program into daily work, including weekly team huddles, enabling everyone to learn a new skill, try it in real-time, and share success stories.
  • Measure engagement and progress toward measurable objectives.
  • Reward, celebrate, and issue digital badges upon completion of a program.