Advancing Patient Experience in a World of Team Exhaustion – Three Proven Actions

A virtual roundtable discussion by Practicing Excellence

June 23, 2022 | Thursday, 12pm PT, 3pm ET

* This is an online-only event

What You’ll learn

Clinicians are experiencing immense levels of stress. In this era of exhaustion, asking clinicians to work on improving their patient experience metrics may feel off-putting. Join this virtual roundtable discussion to learn how leaders can simultaneously improve the patient experience and the well-being of clinicians. 

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Virtual Roundtable Speaker:

Virtual Roundtable Speaker:

Dr. Stephen Beeson

Founder & CEO of the Clinician Experience Project; Author of “Practicing Excellence”

What you’ll take away from this time:

Outline the impact of patient connection on care team experience

Leverage THREE leader actions to improve patient experience while rejuvenating exhausted teams

Provide you with resources to begin the restorative development journey where you are

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