About Practicing Excellence

Practicing Excellence builds skills to drive outcomes in well-being, patient experience, and leadership effectiveness. We provide on-demand coaching in five-minute intervals for clinicians, leaders, and teams.

PE Core Values

Our Culture and Values

Practicing Excellence is a mission-driven organization committed to supporting and developing health care teams to create enterprise-wide results in team wellness, patient connection, and leadership effectiveness. We pride ourselves on working in a collaborative environment with a singular focus in mind: helping our partners realize positive outcomes. Our culture is rooted in a deep commitment to not only our work, but each other.  We are…

Client Obsessed

Our partner relationships are built on responsiveness, trust, and dedication. We anticipate needs, develop solutions, guide leaders, and connect partners to create value and deliver positive outcomes.

Always learning

We are never done. We constantly look for ways to bring greater value, simplicity, and results to our members by listening and designing solutions that create impact for those we serve.


We take pride in being creative. Spirited fun at work is central to our DNA and powers our sense of purpose, friendship, innovation, and collaboration.


We share openly and honestly with our clients and with each other. We set clear expectations up-front and hold ourselves accountable. 

In This Together

We will practice the same principles we teach our partners to build a company that is fueled by purpose, connection, collaboration—and leading to bring the best of each other.


We have a constant ear to health care changes and partner challenges to be the most timely, responsive, accessible, practical, and relevant skill-building solutions that clinicians and leaders love.


Client Testimonial: Working With The Practicing Excellence Team




All content is created using this proven adult learning technique that is designed for consumption in 5 minutes or less and immediate application of what is learned.


Content developed by clinicians and industry professionals

Programs and curriculum are designed by clinicians and industry experts. This gives us credibility with clinicians when it comes down to establishing trust and asking clinicians to engage with our coaching and development content.

Anytime, anywhere access to video tips

A user-friendly mobile app pushes weekly skill-building videos for on-demand engagement.


Programs aligned to objectives

Programs are sequences of progressive skills, supported by short coaching tips that map to an organization’s unique goals.

CEP Testimonial

Our Story


Leadership & Staff

Get to know the leadership, staff, and teams who make the Clinician Experience Project and Nursing Experience Project programs come together. 


Get to know the clinicians and industry thought leaders who develop content for the Clinician Experience Project and Nursing Experience Project and programs.