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One cornerstone of the value of the Clinician Experience Project is how clinicians and leaders together make achievable progress through practical improvement and development steps. We’ve heard this across the board from our partner organizations, individual members, and thought leaders we’ve had the opportunity to chat with and learn from this year.

We’re excited to share some of the highlights from these conversations, and if you’d like to dive deeper into these stories, click the links at the bottom.

Quotes from this year:

We are modeling behavior, paying attention, and shifting the focus back to patient connectedness. This year, we will adopt a process of recognition of completed curricula in the CEP. Everyone likes to have their work recognized and it may just drive a little competition. Ultimately, and perhaps obviously, it is less about completion, more about a personal and cultural shift.” 

Dr. Thomas Rehring

Vice President & Chief Experience Officer, Colorado Permanente Medical Group, Denver, Colo.

“Our physicians are referencing tips they learned from the videos in the Clinician Experience Project. And that’s why I’ve realized that we are making significant progress. We have bridged our patient experience with our physician engagement pretty nicely. The partnership that Dr. Kremer and I have is crucial to the success of this journey. Together, we are a better team and can provide better care for our patients. I can’t wait to see what happens in this coming year.”

Lara Burnside

Senior Vice President of Patient Experience and Strategy/Chief Experience Officer, JPS Health Network, Fort Worth, Texas

“Engaging with the Clinician Experience Project is a natural fit. Physicians are more and more saying, ‘I would love to learn more about the barriers I face. I would love to learn more about myself and how I can be a better communicator.’ Physicians are asking to be coached.”

Susan Congiusta, DNP, RN

Assistant Vice President, Patient Experience, Northwell Health Physician Partners, Manhasset, New York

“We showed the ‘Better Meetings’ video from the Clinician Experience Project at the beginning of one of our meetings. We have since created and implemented our subcommittee’s new meeting rule recommendations, and now a week before each meeting, an action-based agenda is sent out with specific items we want people to prepare for ahead of time to be able to participate more actively in the meeting. I’m proud to say we’ve decreased the meeting time from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.”

Jeffrey Merrill, MD

Lead Physician, The Clinician Experience Project, Ballad Health Johnson City, TN

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