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Email Marketing by Benchmark

There are a variety of ways to incorporate improvement tips in regular care team gatherings, and sometimes the simplest way is to share a single image that makes a big impact. 

We’ve put together a roundup of some of our most popular visual tips from 2019, any of which could be a part of your efforts to connect better with patients, foster deeper community, and develop leadership skills.

Here are few suggestions for how to use these tips:

  • download and email a tip to your team members and discuss in your next huddle
  • choose a tip that aligns with an upcoming meeting topic for sharing and receiving feedback
  • print out your favorite tip and tape it to your monitor as a daily reminder 
Patient Connection

Building Patient Confidence

Identifying & Responding To Patient Fears

Essentials Of Explaining Medications

How To Do Post-Visit Calls

Team Collaboration

Better Meetings Agenda

Tumbling Team Hierarchy

How To Start A Huddle

Building Your Community: Step-By-Step

Frontline Leadership

Leading Self

Physician + Nurse + Staff Collaboration Guide

3 Simple Steps For Making A Team Smarter

Key Tenets Of Safety Culture