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Improving Patient Care Begins Here

"I am struck with the gap in our knowledge and in our training for actually caring for patients."

Chris Rumery, MD, Member, Clinician Experience Project


15K Clinicians  |  70+ Partner Health Systems  |  500+ Leaders

A skill-building community dedicated to helping clinicians.



Connecting to patients reduces burnout and improves care. Members access hundreds of proven physician-designed tools to tackle patient care challenges.


Facilitating clinician collaboration accelerates skill building and strengthens resiliency. Members gather here to learn, try and share real world skills with colleagues and teams.


Guiding leadership development drives team performance and reduces clinician frustration. Members gain leadership effectiveness to achieve organizational goals.

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Who We Are

A community of clinicians committed to improving
patient connection, team collaboration and leadership effectiveness.

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• Seven videos, seven expert perspectives

• Practical skills for every doctor and care team member

• Thought leader insights on end-of-life challenges

Join Richard C. Senelick, MD and other specialists as they share stories
and techniques to help manage end-of-life care.


Stories and Insights From Our Community

physician leadership, burnout, clinician experience project

Clinicians Helping Clinicians: How Well Are We Caring For Our Own?

One of our members said it best, "As physicians, we are used to being in the role of rescuer and it can be difficult to ask for help, but we are less effective in our jobs if we are struggling. As...
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physician leadership, burnout, clinician experience project

Leadership In The First Person

Successful leaders often talk about how the first person you should lead is yourself. But, what does that actually look like and how can this help clinicians lead teams more effectively? We asked...
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Inspiration in Every Room

"I am struck with the gap in our knowledge and in our training for actually caring for patients” — Chris Rumery, MD Our purpose as a clinician community is clear and present in every member story — a...
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