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An Innovative Approach To Clinician Skill-Building

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Improve the patient experience and drive consumer loyalty


Build teams to advance safety, reliability, and transitions of care


Develop leaders who engage teams and facilitate impactful change

Our Vision

We’re dedicated to helping all clinicians thrive and driving successful outcomes by providing an app-based video micro-learning platform that delivers progressive skill-building programs to enhance the patient experience, fuel team collaboration, and develop clinical leadership.

The Clinician Experience Project by Practicing Excellence was founded by Dr. Stephen Beeson in 2013 and now comprises over 50 health systems and 20,000 clinicians.

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Connect better with patients. Improve team collaboration.

Lead in a way that inspires change.

Faculty & Speaking

Our community of specialized faculty members drives our physician-designed content that helps to coach clinicians, engage teams, and develop leaders. Learn about their diverse experience and how each faculty member represents and contributes to the Clinician Experience Project.


Our tools are helping systems thrive across the country.

Blog & News

What is Emotional Memory and Three Ways to Manage It

What is Emotional Memory and Three Ways to Manage It

Health care, while a beautiful and fulfilling career, comes with quite a bit of emotional baggage. Often, we have to deal with a patient’s emotional as well as physical pain, and when dealing with unexpected patient deaths or life-changing...

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Harness the Power of Gratitude in 3 Easy Steps

Harness the Power of Gratitude in 3 Easy Steps

The power of gratitude is pretty widely discussed these days. Yet, relatively few clinicians have a regular gratitude practice. Why is that?  Research has found that expressing gratitude positively impacts one’s mental health, to the point that...

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Three ways for clinicians to beat self-criticism

Three ways for clinicians to beat self-criticism

Everyone’s a critic, but more often than not, it’s of themselves rather than others. This self-evaluation is far from fair, yet we still find ourselves listening to that voice, becoming more and more critical of who we are and what we do.  So, what...

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