Our Goal: Advancing Physician Effectiveness

When you’re trying to improve quality, the patient experience and affordability while driving innovation and consistency, physicians are not just important, they are essential. We give you the guidance and specific tools to cultivate physician contribution, participation and leadership across your organization -- the keys to reaching your strategic objectives.

Why Us? Physicians Helping Physicians

As physician founders, we’ve seen and experienced the challenges we all face in improving healthcare. We’ve navigated large, complex systems through transformative change from both the full-time clinician and executive physician leader positions. Our by and with physicians approach drives change through deep physician/administrative collaboration while building skills and empowering physicians to lead their teams locally.

What We Do

We help leaders engage, partner and collaborate with physicians to create a “let’s do this together” culture. Concurrently, we build physician skills to engage patients, lead teams and deliver performance locally.

How We Do It

Coaching for Performance

The purpose of our coaching efforts is to build collaboration across the clinical enterprise among physicians, administrative leaders and teams to drive transformational change.

Our approach:

  • Developing physician leadership capacity to lead colleagues collaboratively and accountably.
  • Preparing administrative leadership to partner, include, engage and tap physician contribution.
  • Creating a continuous improvement, low-hierarchy, feedback-rich coaching culture that is led by physicians.

Speaking To Unite Teams

The purpose of our speaking is to create shared understanding and to mobilize teams around caring for patients together and how to get it done.

Customized keynotes to full day solutions include:

  • Physician Skill-building Sessions
  • Dyad Leadership Development Programs
  • Physician Leadership Workshops
  • Combined Physician and Administrator Leadership Development Sessions
  • Board Retreats
  • Visit Speaking Topics for Details

Skill-Building For Impact

Integrated with our coaching and speaking solutions, our online skill-building center (The Clinician Experience Project) provides physicians, teams and leaders on-demand access to skills designed to reinforce our coaching and speaking efforts.

The Project gives you:

  • Access to literature-based techniques built to tackle the toughest clinician challenges.
  • Physician-designed video coaching tips to guide skill application.
  • High-impact tools to facilitate individual learning, team performance and group results.
  • To learn more… tour The Clinician Experience Project.

Next Step

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