Separating The Art Vs. The Work Of Medicine

Q: I still care about my patients, but not sure if I love practicing medicine?

A: Unfortunately, many physicians share your sentiment. It’s important to recognize the elements of our jobs that we love and those that cause us the most frustration.

Too often, amidst the frustrations with poorly designed EMR’s and seemingly endless battles with insurance companies, there is a casualty. And that casualty is our love for the art of medicine. As physicians, when we begin to dislike that which we love, we find it difficult to recognize why we deal with all the frustrations we face on a day-to-day basis. The key to keeping your passion alive for the art we practice is realizing our irritations are with the work of medicine, not the art of medicine.

How do we do that? It starts with insight and realizing what it is you can change about your work. Watch the Tip…

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One thought on “Separating The Art Vs. The Work Of Medicine

  1. Having practiced pediatrics since 1975 I have seen the evolution of medicine. It seems like students are taught algorithmic decision making; as a result they have a narrow perspective divorced from the patient’s seal and psychological context.

    Currently my perspective is that medicine is an intuitive art gleaned through years of experience.

    As a result of technologic advances over the past twenty years trainees become fixated on its use for both diagnostic and technologic purposes. It has become the old military adage: “Use it or lose it”.

    The irony is that the lessons of medicine come through experience.

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