No Hugs Required: Real Empathy in the Exam Room

Jill Kruse, MD, doesn’t see empathy as another thing to do, but as an essential ingredient for good medicine. Sure, many studies have shown that empathy is directly related to patient satisfaction, adherence to medical treatment, reduced lawsuits, and improved outcomes, but this story shows us what empathy truly looks like in the exam room. Not to mention the infectious impact it will have on your patients and your experience as a clinician. Here is her story…

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One thought on “No Hugs Required: Real Empathy in the Exam Room

  1. Well done Dr Kruse! The thing I love about your story is that you demonstrate the whole package – clinical excellence – detailed record review and history, careful exam, clear validation of the patient concerns, and empathy. Stephen always says that our patients want most, is reassurance. It’s so clear in your story that your patient was reassured – not by false assurance, but by your clinical excellence AND delivery. Thank you

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